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This sections contains general news articles that don't quite fit into the other news categories. Cicadas General Info contain articles such as reports from contributors, information on first emergences during a cicada season as well as information on areas where the author has revisited. There are lots of images and videos contained within these articles. Feel free to ask questions and post comments in the comments section at the end of each article.

Late Morning Visit to St. Patrick Cemetery

Unusual morphology T. canicularis 11:00 AM - After meeting the crew at Pine Ridge Cemetery, I decided before I headed home to check St. Patrick this morning. It's really unusual to get newly emerged Cicadas this time of day. All the literature I have read seemed to indicate that the best time to find Cicadas was at night when the sun went down. This is obviously not the case however. Today is no exception. I have discovered a newly emerged Cicada on a Maple tree bordering one of the many roadways of the cemetery. I

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Date Posted: 2004-08-06 Comments: (0)

No Joy at the Cemetery Today :(

Something Strange 8:30 am - I spent approximately 2 hours today searching the entire cemetery for Cicadas. Not a single one found. This is unusual as I usually do very well here. Another thing that's unusual is the growth coming off of this Oak tree. Click on the thumbnails below and you'll see what I mean. Look at how big this sucker is. I put my hand in the picture so you can get some kind of perspective as to how big this growth is. What does it remind you of? Maybe this place is starting to be playe

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Date Posted: 2004-08-02 Comments: (0)

A New Variety of Tibicen lyricen?

Tibicen lyricen var. engelhardti 9:30 pm - Back again and as usual, I check my favorite Ash trees. I find nothing on the first one. However, I find 2 nymphs on the second Ash tree. Seems to be two different species as one is bigger than the other. I'll assume one is T. lyricen and one is T. canicularis. I am noticing this a lot lately. I am finding different species on the same tree. One can conclude that Cicadas must be co-existing under ground on the root system of the same host tree as juveniles. I do a quick search

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Date Posted: 2004-08-02 Comments: (0)

More Night Visits to St. Patrick Cemetery

Tonight, I ran out of the house without my camn damera!! Again, I have gone back to St. Patrick Cemetery. I really don't feel like going all the way back home for it so I decide to continue on. Prior to me entering the cemetery I had just parked my car and am in the middle of crossing the street. I don't know if you've ever heard the expression that Massachusetts's drivers really suck because we are considered very aggressive in our driving tactics. I have heard that Massachusetts's drivers

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Date Posted: 2004-08-01 Comments: (0)

Stick With What Works - St. Patrick Cemetery

Tibicen canicularis molting Today I checked other areas around Massachusetts but with no results other than finding a nymph shell on a pine tree at the Boston University Corporate Education Ctr in Tyngsboro, Ma. So I won't bore you with the details of places where I have been striking out. Hey, you go with what works and lately St. Patrick Cemetery seems to be working just fine. Tonight is a really hot and humid night. It's one of those nights where you want to remove all your clothes to cool off but you still fe

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Date Posted: 2004-07-31 Comments: (0)

More Cicadas Found at St. Patrick Cemetery

Tibicen lyricen cicada 9:30 am - Back at St. Patrick Cemetery. I went to the same ash tree where I had been finding Cicadas previously. I went to the ash tree that had the deformed T. lyricen Cicada and I found another female T. lyricen just about finishing the molt process. Upon closer inspection I discovered that this female also has a deformity. It's hind leg on the left side is missing just like the previous male's missing front foreleg. In looking at the exuvum it looks like the rear hind leg never f

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Date Posted: 2004-07-29 Comments: (0)

Another Night Visit to a Cemetery in Lowell

Tibicen lyricen female cicada 10:30 pm - Back at my favorite place to hunt Cicadas. This cemetery seems to be producing very good results. However, time is important so I'm just going to stop in for a quick look around. I went to my favorite ash trees as these seem to be producing the most Cicadas now. I saw a nymph just about to climb out of reach so I snatched it and placed it in my mason jar. This particular ash tree was drippig water through a wound in it's bark. We had a lot of rain the night before. I checked

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Date Posted: 2004-07-29 Comments: (0)

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