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This sections contains general news articles that don't quite fit into the other news categories. Cicadas General Info contain articles such as reports from contributors, information on first emergences during a cicada season as well as information on areas where the author has revisited. There are lots of images and videos contained within these articles. Feel free to ask questions and post comments in the comments section at the end of each article.

Brood II Periodical Cicadas in New England

Brood II Periodical Cicadas In New England It's time to wake up from our long winter's nap to discuss another Periodical Cicada Brood scheduled for emergence this year. Last year, we saw the emergence of Brood I periodical cicadas in the mid-atlantic region and was concentrated in Virginia and West Virginia with a small disjunct population in Tennessee. The cicadas from that brood were of the 17 year variety. The year prior to that (2011) was Brood XIX, a 13 year variety that made its presence known in a big way. It covered the

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Date Posted: 2013-04-09 Comments: (10)

Brood I Periodical Cicadas in the Virginias

Brood I Magicicadas As the 2012 spring and summer cicada season commences, we can expect the arrival of yet another periodical cicada event. As mentioned in 2011, there will be periodic cicada emergences somewhere in the eastern United States starting in 2011 and continuing each year until 2021. The 2011 cicada season gave rise to perhaps one of the largest periodical cicada emergences in North America. The arrival of Brood XIX periodical cicadas included 16 southern and eastern states and contained 4 di

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Date Posted: 2012-04-07 Comments: (1)

Tibicen lyricen in New England

Tibicen lyricen female teneral I have been particularly focused on New Hampshire and Maine this cicada season. Between finding new spots for O. rimosa - among other species - I am also focusing on Tibicen lyricen's northern-most range. Depending on who you talk to, some say that this species' ranges up into New Brunswick and even further into Canada. Some even say that it is New England's most common species even over Tibicen canicularis - the Northern Dog Day cicada. However, even the term "most common" seems to be a point

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Date Posted: 2011-07-25 Comments: (10)

Silver Lake, NH Yields Okanagana rimosa

Silver Lake, NH Yields Okanagana rimosa It looks like Brood XIX periodical cicadas are finally winding down. I would have to say that all-in-all the reporting was a huge success considering that Massachusetts Cicadas version 2.0 only been live since April with an all-new URL no less. We received many sightings and many reports of Brood XIX periodical cicadas. Thanks to all who contributed distribution data or photos for the sightings section. However, just because Brood XIX periodical cicadas will soon be gone doesn't mean that that'

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Beware Brood XIX Zombie Cicadas!

Beware Brood XIX Zombie Cicadas! These Brood XIX periodical cicada will take their stylets and instead of tapping into xylem, they will tap into your skull and suck out your brains!!! Just kidding. Like their red-eyed counter-parts they are just as harmless. But these cicadas with the milky white eyes; (sometimes also blue or grey) are actually quite rare as far as periodical cicadas go. These cicadas differ greatly from the normal red-eyed - orange wing veined variety by their shockingly light eyes and white costal-margin ve

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Brood XIX Distribution Map is Now Live.

Brood XIX Periodical Cicada distribution map. Finally we've managed to launch this year's Brood XIX periodical cicada distribution map. Eventually, there will be maps for all the different broods of periodical cicadas for you to view. The map so far contains Brood XIX reports that users have submitted via the Report Brood XIX Periodical Cicadas report form. If you are seeing any periodical cicadas, kindly take a moment to fill in the form. Every data point helps us in updating old and out-dated distribution information on these cicadas. Ho

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Date Posted: 2011-05-04 Comments: (9)

First Brood XIX Sighting Reports.

Magicicada It looks like the Brood XIX periodical cicada emergence is underway. We have sighting reports coming in from Georgia, South Carolina and Alabama. The areas surrounding Atlanta on the Piedmont Plateau seems to be experiencing heavy activity already. Special thanks to Bill Reynolds of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences for supplying the early data. Below is a breadown of the following areas: Columbia County in Georgia 10 miles west of Augusta Immatures: none Nymphs: none

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Date Posted: 2011-04-25 Comments: (4)

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Brood I Information

The Brood I periodical cicada emergence happened in 2012 in Virginia, W. Virginia and Tennessee. Below are some of the highlights.

Brood XIX Information

The Brood XIX periodical cicada emergence has come and gone. Below is some information that you may find helpful.