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The Cicada Projects section contains articles of two different types. Type one pertains to those subjects where the author is trying to find out something new and interesting about cicadas. Type two pertains to subjects where the author hosts visiting researchers in projects that involve Massachusetts and New England.

Morphological Features of Okanagana rimosa

Morphological Features of Okanagana rimosa A couple of weeks ago I spent the day in Silver Lake New Hampshire as part of my projects to map cicada species in New England. I was very successful in capturing several specimens of Okanagana rimosa here. So I thought we would spend some time focusing on the morphology of this species. In some species of cicadas like the tibicens morphology can vary extremely depending on geographic location and habitat. However, even in O. rimosa there are slight differences in morphology even among individua

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Date Posted: 2011-06-28 Comments: (1)

The Hunt for Okanagana with Elias

Tibicen canicularis female Back in 2007 when I discovered Okanagana in Massachusetts I was excited and had to tell my good friend Elias - who's from New York - all about the area and habitat. Elias and I met through email correspondence when he discovered Massachusetts Cicadas during the Brood XIII Periodical cicada emergence back in June of 2007. Since then, whenever cicada season rolls around we are in constant contact with each other discussing cicadas and bouncing ideas off of each other as to where to look for specie

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A Possible New Location for Okanagana rimosa?

Little wood satyr butterfly Given my recent successes with finding Okanagana rimosa in New Hampshire and Massachusetts and developing a familiararity with habitat types for the species, I have decided that I would try to locate other similar habitats. It would seem that O. rimosa in New England prefers a sandy soil environment consisting of pitch pine, scrub oak and other deciduous-type trees with abundant blueberry plants. While O. rimosa has been reported in Bedford and Concord, Ma.; (from old literature) as well a

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Another Look at Ossipee Pine Barrens

White Tailed Skimmer With the dismal showing of Okanagana rimosa at the Concord Pine Barrens in Concord, N.H. today, and despite the cloudy and overcast day, I decided to drive the extra hour north to see if I could find more evidence of Okanagana rimosa at the Ossipee Pine Barrens. I was hopeful that I could perhaps find some low-lying specimens waiting out the cool and overcast day or perhaps even a nymph in the middle of the eclose process. I previously visited the Ossipee Pine Barrens on May 30th, of this y

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When does Okanagana Season Begin? - Part 2

Okanagana rimosa As previously mentioned in part one, I wanted to check the earliest time I could expect to hear O. rimosa males calling. So going to my favorite area for O. rimosa, the Montague Plains wildlife management area, I intended to find out. I suspected that since my previous day's trip to New Hampshire was very successful in that I found evidence of Okanagana exuvia and additionally, heard males calling in the trees there, I was hoping for the same at Montague. Okanagana rimosa Definitely Here! I

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