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Another Look at Ossipee Pine Barrens

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Another Look at Ossipee Pine Barrens

White Tailed Skimmer

With the dismal showing of Okanagana rimosa at the Concord Pine Barrens in Concord, N.H. today, and despite the cloudy and overcast day, I decided to drive the extra hour north to see if I could find more evidence of Okanagana rimosa at the Ossipee Pine Barrens. I was hopeful that I could perhaps find some low-lying specimens waiting out the cool and overcast day or perhaps even a nymph in the middle of the eclose process.

I previously visited the Ossipee Pine Barrens on May 30th, of this year. I found great evidence of O. rimosa currently emerging. I even managed to find old exuvia from last year. But alas this trip turned up no signs of O. rimosa. I looked for several hours in several spots and didn't find a single live specimen or exuvia. I know for a fact that they are here though.

The day still continues to be cloudy cool and overcast with brief periods of sun breaking through. There's really not much to photograph except a red squirrel yelling from a tree and this White Tailed skimmer dragonfly.

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