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This sections contains general news articles that don't quite fit into the other news categories. Cicadas General Info contain articles such as reports from contributors, information on first emergences during a cicada season as well as information on areas where the author has revisited. There are lots of images and videos contained within these articles. Feel free to ask questions and post comments in the comments section at the end of each article.

More On Okanagana rimosa

Okanagana rimosa ventral view Well folks, I'm happy to report that the newly-found Okanagana rimosa specimen is still alive and well after 6 days of captivity. As a matter of fact, I have it enclosed in a mesh bag on an oak-tree branch in my yard. Like periodical cicadas, it would seem that Okanagana happily call in captivity. Having the sun shining directly on the mesh bag seems to trigger the calling. Also they seem to like to call in the late afternoon around 5:00 or 6:00pm. Of course it does call during all times of th

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Date Posted: 2007-07-07 Comments: (0)

Welcome to Another cicada season.

Magicicada nymph mud chimneys. That's right, this year (2007) I'll be starting up with the regular updates to this web site. I'm starting early this year because it is the year of Brood XIII Magicicadas (Periodical Cicadas) which will be happening in the mid-west. So, if you are from Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan or Wisconsin, be sure to write in and give us some reports. Last year I set up a Cicada and Cicada Killer sightings page for people to report their sightings. It has been a great success and I expect a greater nu

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Date Posted: 2007-04-30 Comments: (0)

Tibicen chloromera in Massachusetts Sighting

Tibicen chloromera calling song As you may or may not know, T. chloromera Tibicen tibicen in Massachusetts is quite rare. Most have been chalked up to satellite males coming up from the south looking for new territory. I reported last year that there was a T. chloromera Tibicen tibicen calling in my yard. I managed to get a very poor quality recording which I had confirmed by John Cooley and John Zyla of Well, this year I'd like to officially report a second record of a T. chloromera Tibicen tibicen in my ne

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Date Posted: 2006-09-02 Comments: (0)

Eastern Cicada Species

Eastern Cicada Species So this evening I get an email from Kathy Hill from the University of Connecticut at Storrs. She studies cicadas there. I guess she wanted to prove that Tibicen auletes is the biggest Tibicen cicada in the United States, even bigger than T. resonans and Quesada gigas. Speaking from first hand experience, I do indeed know that T. auletes is one massive cicada. I am actually glad that it is bigger than Quesada gigas myself. Anyway, below is her email: Hi cicada people, I just took a photo

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Date Posted: 2006-08-21 Comments: (0)

New Cicada Info for Martha's Vineyard

Cicada Info for Martha's Vineyard At first I was not successful in capturing a specimen but the 13th of August prooved to be a very fruitful day. Prior to that on my first day there, I was successful in recording the call of T. auletes and even managed to obtain an exuvia of a male. Below are some quick images and a link to a 44 second video of this specimen's alarm squawk. The full account of my 4 day Cicada trip to Martha's Vineyard can be found the "Cicada Missions" section. I was able to obt

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Date Posted: 2006-08-20 Comments: (0)

T. canicularis Nymphs Caught at Fairview

Tibicen canicularis teneral Tonight was a good night for obtaining Tibicen canicularis cicadas at Fairview Cemetery in Westford. I showed up around 10:15pm and the first tree I went to had a nearly completed molting specimen. Walking around for a while I discovered two more molting specimens and an additional three emerging nymphs! But I had a problem. If you read the article on How To Catch Cicadas, you know that it is always a good idea to keep cicada nymphs separated. If you don't they'll cling to each other in the sa

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Date Posted: 2006-08-04 Comments: (0)

Tibicen auletes Recorded in Connecticut!

Tibicen auletes in Connecticut For those who are interested, below is a sound recording and probably for the first time ever I might add is the calling song of male Tibicen auletes cicadas. While this species is not rare in the south-eastern part of the country, it is extremely rare here in New England. Like myself where I witnessed and recorded Tibicen chloromera Tibicen tibicen calling song in my yard here in Massachusetts, my friend and partner-in-crime Mike Neckermann recorded this gem in Connecticut. Mike and I have be

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