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More Magicicada Sightings Reported

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More Magicicada Sightings Reported

Cicada Research Vehicle

Well, it's been a slow start to the emergence. Reports are being received from Kentucky, Tenessee, North Carolina and Ohio indicating that periodical cicadas in all forms including tenerals, nymphs and adults with even a few calling are being reported. Its been unusually cool this spring so this has no-doubt delayed the emergence.

Brood XIV Distribution Map Updated.

The map is a compiled list of sightings that have come in through the Report Brood XIV periodical cicadas form. Hopefully as things warm up, the distribution map will be updated almost daily. Remember to report your periodical cicada sightings in your area. The more data points we receive, the more accurate the final result.

Here in the Northeast, its been really quiet. The cicadas are still just beneath the surface waiting for soil temperatures to be right before emerging.

Immature nymphs are still being seen just below the soil surface in places in Suffolk County on Long Island.

Immatures are being sighted in the towns of Mashpee, Bourne and East Falmouth in Barnstable county of Massachusetts. Even though areas and towns in Plymouth county seen the emergence of Brood XIV in 1991, the towns from that county are still quiet. So far, Mashpee seems to be the hot spot with the most reports.

My New Research Vehicle.

Cicada Hummer frontI thought you might get a kick out of my new automobile that I purchased all in the name of research of this amazing insect. Last year, I had much difficulty when researching Okanagana rimosa species in central Massachusetts. I drove a '98 Saturn SL. Taking that vehicle off-road proved to be very difficult and I couldn't get everywhere I needed to be. When mapping species one needs to go where the cicadas are and sometimes they are in areas where regular vehicles just cannot get to.

Cicada Hummer 2So this year I have taken steps to remedy that problem. Click the thumbnails above. In case you are wondering, yes those are legally registered plates for the state of Massachusetts. It's just my way of advertising this web site Massachusetts Cicadas. Unfortunately though, the state of Massachusetts only allows a maximum of 6 letters so the "s" if missing off of the end of Cicada but it's close enough.

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