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Brood XIII 2007 Iowa Survey

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Brood XIII 2007 Iowa Survey

Off To Iowa for More Periodical Cicada Research!

I woke up early in the morning today because I needed to pack up my car. Everyone was still asleep. It took me a few hours to get everything packed up. I don't suspect I will be camping any more during this trip. I will probably stay in a hotel once I get to Iowa.

I said goodbye to everyone. John gave me some last minute instructions then I gassed up and hit the highway pretty early in the morning.

Arrival at Coralville Lake in Iowa

Well not really, I was actually a few miles south of Coralville Lake. This area was reported by Chris Simon as being an abundant area for Periodical Cicadas during their last emergence so I figured I would head in this direction. Coralville Lake is just north of Iowa City and I have to tell you I'm loving this state! It is quite scenic and this is the first time I have been here. It's always great to explore new areas. The Coralville Lake area has tons of outside recreation like boating, camping, fishing and hiking. The houses around this scenic lake are quaint and I would guess they go for a pretty penny.

Nice house!Nice house!

My first stop was on Dubuque St & West Overlook where I recorded a negative data point.

Coralville Lake Scenic ViewHowever, when I drove a bit further on West Overlook (about 1/2 mile) heading closer to Coralville Lake I ran into a screaming population of Magicicada at the Coralville Dam Recreation Area. Unfortunately, it was getting on in the day. My first data point was taken at 2:10 in the afternoon. It was a very long drive from Peoria, IL. So I didn't waste any time. I spent most of the day mapping both positive and negative records around Coralville Lake.

Turtle in the Road.

I ended up hitting an area that was nothing but negatives but still something interesting happened. Outside the Coralville Lake area I noticed this "lump" in the road. When I drove closer I noticed this cool little box turtle just sitting there so I snapped a few photos of it. Take a look below.

Box Turtle In the Road Box Turtle Dorsal ViewBox Turtle Enface View

After I took these photos I didn't want to leave the little guy in the middle of the road so I moved it off into the high grass. I'm sure its fine now!!

June 10th Brood XIII Periodical Cicada Distribution Map

This part of Iowa was very nice. I truly enjoyed this day. The terrain wasn't flat like I expected it to be in the mid-west. It was actually hilly with many scenic vistas and views. Once I got here, I spent a good 6 hours mapping both positive and negative data points.

Time to Head Towards Cedar Rapids.

I decided that I would head towards Cedar Rapids in the morning. For now though, I checked myself into the American Inn in Coralville which wasn't bad really for a hundred bucks. Tomorrow will be my last official day mapping the cicadas. After tomorrow, I'll be heading home to prepare for work and also for the regular cicadas to emerge.

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