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The cicada behaviors videos are videos that note different and unusual cicada behaviors. For instance, alarm squawks, fake wing flicking responses among others. You can navigate through these videos by the page navigation towards the bottom. Clicking on a thumbnail with a play icon will launch the video player in a modal window. Under each video is a comment form if you would like to leave a comment or ask questions.

Male M. septendecim alarm squawk

Watch M. septendecim alarm squawk video Author: Massachusetts Cicadas
Published On: 2004-06-04
Description: One of the first ever alarm squawks I recorded. This a M. septendecim male was taken in my sister's back yard in Hedgesville West Virginia. You can tell in the video that this alarm squawk is different from the alarm squawks of the Tibicens, a genus of annual cicada.
Referring Article: Brood X Magicicada Day 1

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