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The Cicada Missions news category contains articles that involve travel to do work with other researchers and colleagues or to expand knowledge of distribution of cicada species around New England and other parts of the United States. Articles usually involve overnight stays in a location for a particular research subject.

First Survey of Cape Cod Today - Brood XIV

Magicicada exuvum After receiving so many reports of immature nymph sightings on Cape Cod and since this is Memorial Day weekend, I decided to take the opportunity to head down to the Cape to see what's doin'. Actually the ride wasn't all that bad, it took 1.5 hours to go from Northern Massachusetts to the Cape. There was no traffic on the roads at all. I guess leaving at 6:00am helped or perhaps the tourists headed down after work on the previous evening or its the recent increases in the cost of fuel. Whatever

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Date Posted: 2008-05-24 Comments: (0)

Cicadas Heard on Nantucket!

Cicadas Heard on Nantucket Island Update 3/21/11: The species name formerly known as Tibicen chloromera Tibicen tibicen has been changed to Tibicen tibicen. The article has been edited to reflect this change. Today started out to be a rather great day. Around 10:30 am in the morning many T. lyricen were calling around the Maria Mitchell Museum campus. I even captured the call of one specimen way up high in a tree. While you can’t see the specimen, in this video you can clearly make out the call. Click the thumbnail to the

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Date Posted: 2007-08-19 Comments: (0)

Cicadas of Nantucket Island

A Survey of the Cicadas of Nantucket Island Due to my great success at surveying the Cicadas on Martha's Vineyard in 2006, I got to wondering if it was at all possible that there may be cicadas on Nantucket Island. Afterall the habitat is probably identical to that on Martha's Vineyard. In addition, after searching for months for information on the cicadas of Nantucket Island, I was coming up short. I contacted all the professionals that I know of who study cicadas. I searched through countless papers dating back to the 1900's and I

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Tibicen chloromera in Connecticut

Tibicen canicularis teneral As I do every year, today, I went to Connecticut to check out areas where last year and the year before, I have heard T. chloromera in areas of Connecticut where they just shouldn't be. I must've gone too early because while I heard some in the areas that I frequent, I just wasn't hearing the numbers like last year. I will definitely have to go back a few more times before I give my final report for this year. T. canicularis Female Found While Eclosing - Suffield CT One of the places

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Brood XIII 2007 Wrap Up

Brood XIII Slide Show Wrap Up Well, this page concludes the mission on the distribution mapping project for Brood XIII. I left Iowa on June 11th and headed east. I made it mid-way through Indiana that evening and I had to check into a hotel. The next morning I was up real early and finally made it home around 1:00 am in the morning of June 13th. I had a really great time meeting new people and I learned a lot from the folks at U.C. Storrs. Not to mention that I've seen parts of the United States that I probably

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