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The Cicada Missions news category contains articles that involve travel to do work with other researchers and colleagues or to expand knowledge of distribution of cicada species around New England and other parts of the United States. Articles usually involve overnight stays in a location for a particular research subject.

Brood XIII 2007 Magicicadas

After a two year break from the absence of periodical cicada emergences anywhere in the United States, and this being my official fourth year studying cicadas (A lot has happened since 2004), I am happy to report that this year will be the year for Brood XIII! I have learned a lot from my first experience with Periodical Cicadas. So much so, that I have made a gaggle of new friends both personal and professional all involving this amazing insect. Distribution Mapping of Brood X

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Leaving the vineyard

More Cicada Killer Burrows Today while packing up, it seemed really busy in the morning for T. auletes at the camp ground. I heard several males calling on several occasions. Unfortunately by the time I was done packing up and out of there, they seemed to be quiet for the better part of the day. I went back to the same area where I caught my specimen yesterday but I did not catch another one. They were reluctant to call. Two More Cicada Killers Spotted! In the state forest along a fire road I did come across several ci

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Tibicen auletes Caught on the Vineyard!

Tibicen auletes from Martha's Vineyard This is it, my last full day here. I'm really feeling the pressure. It was great to discover that T. auletes is definitely here. I've heard its call on various parts of the island. It even called a few times at my camp site. But up to this point, I have been unsuccessful in capturing one. I spent the day hiking at various Wildlife Conservation areas owned by the Martha's Vineyard Land Bank but have been unsuccessful in hearing the call of T. auletes. By this time it is getting later and later i

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Two T. lyricens Captured Today!

Tibicen lyricen on Martha's Vineyard I was getting pretty discouraged. I thought that I would be doing a lot better than I have been doing as far as obtaining cicada specimens up to this point. Time is becoming a factor. I'll be leaving on the 14th which is just two days away. So far I had only managed to obtain a T. canicularis female during the eclose process in the state forest. But things did change for me today, significantly! I found yet another wildlife refuge area run by the Land Bank. This area was known as Peak

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Martha's Vineyard Cicadas Day 2

Martha's Vineyard Cicadas Survey Day 2 I started off the day deciding to explore a little bit more of the island. I ended up in Edgartown and parked the car and walked around a bit to see what there was to see. Edgartown is a very nice and quaint little town on the western most end of the island and it was hopping with tourists. I walked along the beach for a while snapping a few pictures and taking some videos but eventually, I decided to see what I could get into regarding finding spots to hunt for cicadas. I soon discover

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