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The Cicada Missions news category contains articles that involve travel to do work with other researchers and colleagues or to expand knowledge of distribution of cicada species around New England and other parts of the United States. Articles usually involve overnight stays in a location for a particular research subject.

Mapping Brood XIX in Virginia Progress Report - Day 2

Mapping Brood XIX Cicadas in Virginia Progress Report - Day 2 Here in Williamsburg the morning started out very cloudy and I was worried that we were going to get rain. But eventually the sun did shine through and all was fine. Creating distribution maps can be a long, boring and drawn-out process. It involves driving around and paying attention to what you see and hear in a particular area where periodical cicadas are expected to be found. You then must take careful observational notes about the site. Things like density of cicadas, single male calling

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Date Posted: 2011-05-29 Comments: (2)

Massachusetts Cicadas in Virginia Mapping Brood XIX.

Brood XIX in Virginia - Massachusetts Cicadas Hey Folks, I'm here in Williamsburg, Virginia mapping the northern-most range of the Brood XIX periodical cicadas. I woke up at 4:30 this morning and drove all of 12 hours to get here. Unfortunately, Brood XIX's distribution in Virginia is historically spotty at best. There are only minor emergence areas and some can be less than a mile wide. Not only is Brood XIX known to be in Virginia but there is a small area on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. My friend and colleague, J

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Date Posted: 2011-05-28 Comments: (10)

Okanagana rimosa Found in Concord New Hampshire

Okanagana in Concord N.H. Hey, remember back on June 11th of this year I researched a possible new site for O. rimosa based on pine barren habitat that looked promising? It was an area in Concord, New Hampshire underneath some power lines along Pembroke Rd. I went there that day to do some investigating based on habitat experience for the species but the day was overcast and cool with no signs of O. rimosa anywhere. As I mentioned in that article, I would probably need to return on a nice hot day in order to confirm thei

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Date Posted: 2010-06-19 Comments: (0)

Brood XIV on Cape Cod in Full Swing!

Brood XIV on Cape Cod in Full Swing! Hey folks. This past Friday the 13th I was on the Cape again to do more distribution mapping. There are still tons of areas on the Cape that need to be covered so if you are willing to help out I'd sure appreciate it. Thanks to all who have reported the presence of Brood XIV or lack-thereof in their neighborhoods. Yes, the Distribution Maps have been updated again but more on that later. By the way a special thank you goes out to my friends Kevin, Lisa and Fred for helping out and providing

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Date Posted: 2008-06-17 Comments: (0)

Brood XIV Plymouth County Survey Work

Aggregation of M. septendecims Cape Cod As of today, I have received no reports of Magicicada in Plymouth County. So, to that end, I decided that I would spend the day there chasing down old records. The University of Connecticut at Storrs collected data from published papers back in 1923 that indicated that Brood XIV could be found in a few spots. I visited those spots today. They were Cook's Pond, Chiltonville, Plymouth and Manomet but I found no signs. I also spent a good part of the day surveying the Myles Standish State Forest wh

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Date Posted: 2008-06-14 Comments: (0)

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