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Below are all user-submitted cicada killer wasp sightings. If you believe that you have spotted a cicada killer wasp - and have a photograph, please click on the link in the right-hand navigation under the "Submit Report" section. Cicada killer wasp sightings are being solicated because they help in filling in gaps in the distribution of cicada species. Cicada killer females prey solely on cicadas and these wasps are often used to gain an idea of the types of cicada species that can be found in the general area of a cicada killer wasp burrow.

Please note that not all entries below are actual cicada killer wasps but rather other types of insects that readers thought may have been cicada killers. These mis-identifications are just as important because they help in educating you to identify actual cicada killer wasps as well as aiding in identifying what the actual insect is.

Every entry contains a comment from Massachusetts Cicadas. When you submit a sighting you can either comment back or simply return for the identification of your particular cicada killer or non-cicada kller insect.

Cicada Killer Wasp

Cicada Killers in Stoughton, MA

I have attached 2 photos. It is black and yellow and I beloved it may be a female. I have never seen
Date Posted: 2012-08-18 Comments: (1)
Female Sphecius speciosus

Cicada Killers in Raymond, NH

In the last two weeks or so I couldn't figure out what kept digging these large holes in my lawn alm
Date Posted: 2012-08-16 Comments: (1)
Sphecius speciosus

Cicada Killer Wasps in Putnam, CT

My lawn hadn't been mown in over a week with all the thunderstorms we have been having in Connecticu
Date Posted: 2012-08-16 Comments: (1)
Sphecius speciosus with cicada prey

Cicada Killers in Andover, Ma.

Been seeing many holes in my yard with a lot of sand for quite a few weeks and just been covering th
Date Posted: 2012-08-10 Comments: (1)
Sphecius speciosus in Stow, MA

Sphecius speciosus in Stow, MA

At around 1 p.m. I found the bee belly up in my driveway, when I went to go check if it was dead and
Date Posted: 2012-08-08 Comments: (1)
Cicada Killer Wasp

Cicada Killer Wasps in Quincy, MA

These wasps have actually been flying around my lavender bushes for over two weeks. As of yesterday,
Date Posted: 2012-08-04 Comments: (3)
Eastern Cicada Killer Wasp

Cicada Killer Wasps in Kingston, NH

Sunny location in front of porch in melon patch with many blossems...found hole in ground before dis
Date Posted: 2012-07-31 Comments: (2)
Female Sphecius from Milford, MA

Cicada Killer Wasps in Milford, MA

Found dead on car in driveway in Milford, MA... Trying to find the lek for further info. I found a s
Date Posted: 2012-07-30 Comments: (2)

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