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Brood XIII Magicicada in Chicago, IL.

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Brood XIII Magicicada in Chicago, IL.

hey, I'm here in Chicago in the middle of the 17-year-swarm. Taking some
macro shots, I noticed most of the red eyed cicadas have three small "dots"
on what would be considered their forheads, between eyeballs. What are those, extra eyes? I have heard just one source call them "frons", but I cant be sure it's reliable. What say you? (sending with a picture of said dots.)


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Hey Diego

Those three dots in the middle of a cicada's forehead are actually simple eyes known as "ocelli" or "ocellus" in the singular. Lots of insects have these ocelli like wasps, grasshoppers and mantids.

I believe they are used to detect movement and certain wavelengths of light.

Hope that helps.

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