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Tibicen auletes in Winslow, AR

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Tibicen auletes in Winslow, AR

The Tibicen auletes at left was found just south of Winslow, Arkansas. It has a reddish eye color I had not seen before. For comparison, the T. auletes at right was found in Joplin, MO, later the same day and has more of a brown eye color. The examples of T. auletes I've seen in the Kansas City area tend more toward gray eyes. The latitude and longitude submitted with this form are for the Arkansas specimen.

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Posted By: Massachusetts Cicadas | On: 2011-08-18 | Website:

Hey Greg,

Thanks for the data points. It is appreciated and have been added to the database.

In addition to the red eyes, the cicada from Winslow looks to be of the green variety. Also, it looks to be a bit "heartier" than the one on the right. Still though, T. auletes is one of my favorite cicadas.

I am curious, was the habitat any different in Winslow as compared to Joplin, MO?

Thanks for sharing these cool photos and look forward to more.

Posted By: Jake Readnour | On: 2011-08-18 | Website:

amazing greg you are the master of catching and filming cicadas. ...~jake aka grungeguy83

Posted By: Jimmy Wu | On: 2011-08-18 | Website:

Very amazing photographs of a very amazing species!

Jimmy aka. Mantisman630 on YouTube.

Posted By: Elias Bonaros | On: 2011-08-18 | Website:

Amazing pictures! I have hunted T. auletes and have caught at least 10 specimens here in the North and some more in N.C. I have never seen this orange/red eye color! I wonder if this is as rare as a blue eyed Magicicada! Thanks for bringing this rare one to us!!!

Posted By: Greg Holmes | On: 2011-08-23 | Website:

Thanks for the kudos, but a little girl from Arkansas brought me the red-eyed one so I can't take credit for the capture. I know well the place she found it; it's a crest in the Boston Mountains with a lot of oak trees at about 1625 feet - not riparian but there's a small lake downland about 1/2 mile away. I went there the following weekend and found a couple more auletes but none with as dramatic an eye color. The area the Joplin one was captured in is riparian with - you guessed it - oak trees. Joplin's elevation is about 1019 ft.

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