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Tibicen species from Smyrna, TN

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Tibicen species from Smyrna, TN

This bug has been hanging around for a good minute after all the other cicadas died. Its not a normal looking one though it green and yellow markings and HUGE. I collected it not knowing what it was.

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Posted By: Massachusetts Cicadas | On: 2011-07-27 | Website:

Hi Emily

Thanks for sharing your photo of a Tibicen cicada. While the photo was taken from a distance, some of the key features seem kind of clear but if we had a closer photo, we could identify it with certainty. However based on this sole image, this looks like a Tibicen pruinosus or Tibicen robinsonianus cicada. If you can send closer photos if you still have the specimen, we can add them to your sighting and get a more positive id.

You are correct that this cicada looks different from the Brood XIX periodical cicadas the emerged in your area recently. This type of cicada is known as an "annual" cicada. This species among many other species emerge yearly in your area. Thanks for sharing and remember, if you still have the specimen we'd very much like to see a closer photo or if you would like to donate it, I can send you the address in a personal email.


Posted By: jake readnour | On: 2011-07-27 | Website:

this might be a more eastern varaint due to the lack of the pruinos barr. or it could be T.linnei but it looks alot like the first

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