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More Brood XIV Cicadas in Mashpee, MA

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More Brood XIV Cicadas in Mashpee, MA

I believe the cicadas that are on the cape are the ones you are looking for. I'm no expert but they look similar. I live in Mashpee and there is a large amount here and also in Falmouth around the crane wild life reserve. I have attached a photo. If you need a better location you can email me.
Thank you,


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Hi Michael,

Your photos show some of the key identifying features for this species of Magicicadas. There are three species, M. cassini, M. septendecula and M. septendecim.

Your specimen shows the red patches behind the large red eyes plus the orange stripes on the tergites of the abdomen which makes this specimen an M. septendecim.

However, even without these identifying traits in your photo, it would've been an M. septendecim anyway because M. septendecim is the only species we have here on Cape Cod. :)

Thanks for sharing.

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