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Okanagana sighting in Ventura, CA

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Okanagana sighting in Ventura, CA

I heard a ringing sound in my backyard and found this little bugger on my garden fence. It's the first and only one I've ever seen or heard in over 20 years of living here. This one didn't have red eyes. He flew away shortly after I filmed him and nearly took my head off in the process. Here's a couple pics and a vid for you to enjoy.

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Posted By: Massachusetts Cicadas | On: 2011-06-27 | Website:

Hi Jesse,

Thanks for the really cool photos of a cicada from the genus Okanagana. That's about all I can say about it right now. The western Okanagana species are a bit of a mess.

Cicadas from the Okanagana genus are perhaps the most prolific here in the United States. They span both coasts and go well up into Canada.

This can possibly be Okanagana bella or Okanagana rimosa. The two are very similar in appearance.

Often times the male's calling song can be confused with stridulating insects such as crickets and katydids or their calling frequency is so high that they go unnoticed.

Unfortunately, you're video didn't come through because our form only allows image file formats.

Always good to get reports from the west coast.

Thanks for sharing.

Posted By: Laure Ruhmann | On: 2011-07-20 | Website:

This looks identical to the species I have been trying to identify here in Sacramento. I've just posted photos on facebook with Cicada Mania. I've been trying to narrow down my species and find frustratingly little information online--especially with the California species. The circular markings on the back are the specific identifying mark. The underside is a bright orange. Thanks for the post!

Posted By: Massachusetts Cicadas | On: 2011-07-20 | Website:

Hi Laure,

Actually I had a few of my colleagues look at this specimen and I was going to do a follow-up post. Thanks for posting a comment. It is believed that this species, given its location is actually Okanagana vanduzeei. There are lots of species of Okanagana and Platypedia cicadas in California and some look so similar to each other that it gets really hard.

WE would love to enter your cicada sightings into our distribution database. Could you please submit your photos via the Report Cicadas or Cicada Killers link found in the right-hand column of this web site?


Posted By: Laure Ruhmann | On: 2011-07-20 | Website:

Thank you for following up on my post. I just got a positive ID of O.rimosa from Cicada Mania on facebook. But in my research earlier I found listed for the Sacramento area O.arboraria, O.pallidula and O.vanduzeei. I'll post the photos I took so you can get a better look, especially at the underside. I'd love to do a write-up in my gardening blog about this cicada since, I'm sure, few Sacramentans are even aware of it, other than the continuous buzzing they may be hearing. I'll include my photos in the blog, too. Much thanks for all of your help!

Posted By: Most Curious | On: 2011-11-01 | Website:

Found one identical to this flapping around in my swimming pool in Sacramento CA. Didn't know what it was at the time but no doubt, the circular orange pattern on the back was identical. Scooped it out and dropped it onto a dry spot. It walked around for a few minutes then was gone.

Posted By: Massachusetts Cicadas | On: 2011-11-01 | Website:

Hi There,

Thanks for the comment. Be sure to remember Massachusetts Cicadas the next time you find a cicada so that we may identify it and add it to our distribution database.

Posted By: Laure Ruhmann | On: 2011-11-02 | Website:

Hello Most Curious--I posted a report here on my sighting that might be helpful if you have a sighting next year. Massachusetts Cicadas added a lot of detailed information on the species. I'm glad your little fellow was able to fly away.

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