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Emergence Holes in Newburyport, MA

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Emergence Holes in Newburyport, MA

Not sure if this is a cicada, there are about 100 holes, all in one area, sandy soil smooth tunnel, I can push a key into it, no insects at all, not ants any ideas?

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Hi Mike

Thanks for your email. I don't think those are cicada holes for the simple fact that it is too early in the season for them. These holes could have been made by some type of burrowing wasp or beetle. I would suggest putting jars or cups over the holes and watch for a while and see if anything flies out of the holes or goes in.

It could be that some wasps like the cicada killer (Sphecius speciosus) may have emerged after over-wintering in a larval state where they developed into full adults. If that's the case the offspring (the ones that emerged) will come back to this same spot year after year. Other wasps do this sort of thing too.

I would check this area from time to time and see what happens but they definitely are not cicada emergence holes.

Hope that helps.

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