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Cicadas in Hollister, CA

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Cicadas in Hollister, CA

Sorry about the poor quality of the picture. The picture was taken in the forests of BIG SUR CALIFORNIA.i will b taking a recent shot in 2months when they start re appearing(with better quality).

Here in my hometown ive seen cicadas with red m's on their backs.

thank you

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Posted By: Massachusetts Cicadas | On: 2010-12-03 | Website:

Hi Bernardo

Thanks for submitting your image to my web site. Unfortunately, it is a bit on the blurry side but I can tell you that the cicada is in "teneral" form. Meaning that it is newly molted so it does not yet have its fully formed colors yet.

Judging by its size, and by your location, this cicada is probably from the genus Platypedia which is common throughout California. I am sorry I cannot get an exact species identification. Perhaps if there were additional shots.

Once again thanks.

Posted By: jessica reeves | On: 2011-06-14 | Website:

You should report this sighting to the website above

Posted By: Massachusetts Cicadas | On: 2011-06-14 | Website:

Hi Jessica,

While Massachusetts Cicadas and work closely together on several projects, is only interested in cicadas from the genus Magicicada.

This insect is not of that genus and is probably either Platypedia or Okanagana.

Thanks for the comment.

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