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Tibicen canicularis in Sanford, ME

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Tibicen canicularis in Sanford, ME

I had just finished mowing the lawn and I was putting some tools back in the shed when I noticed a strange bug at the bottom of the shed. I snapped a picture with my phone because I had never seen one before and wanted to identify it.

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Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for the really cool photo of a Tibicen canicularis cicada. Judging by this one, it is a newly eclosed specimen. Note, the cast-off nymph skin left behind below and to the right. Very cool photo.

I am always happy to get reports from Maine on cicadas. My research has shown that there are perhaps only three species there. One Tibicen species (pictured above) and two Okanagana species. Further research may prove that there are perhaps two more but I've yet to find them. Thanks for sharing!

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