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Tibicen tenerals in Framingham, Ma

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Tibicen tenerals in Framingham, Ma

I have one, maybe two, Cicada species that come into my front & back yard every summer for the past 2 years. I live in Framingham, MA. I took some picures this morning & will upload them to you/your website tomorrow morning. I have not taken photos in the past. We just figured out what they were last summer! I have both Cicadas & Cicada Killers in my yard. It's been hard to photograph the killer since she's always moving. There are about 5 giant sand holes on my patio right that she has dug out.

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Hi Tara,

Yes you are correct that there are perhaps two species of cicadas in Framingham. In fact they are the two most common species found throughout Massachusetts. They are Tibicen lyricen and Tibicen canicularis. The one pictured above is a female Tibicen lyricen cicada.

Regarding the cicada killers. You needn't worry about those, they really are a harmless insect and are interesting to watch. Now is the time for the females to go out and gather cicadas and bring them to their burrows. If you have patience you can watch this phenomenon. It is quite interesting. Do not be surprised if that over time, the number of burrows in your yard increases. Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions or concerns.

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