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Brood XIX In Marshall, AR

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Brood XIX In Marshall, AR

Began seeing an occasional shed skin a week or so ago. Mature nymphs a couple of days ago. A couple of dozen mature nymphs seen today (5/18/11). Believe our cooler than normal spring temps may be slowing emergence.

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Posted By: Massachusetts Cicadas | On: 2011-05-19 | Website:

Hi Marvin,

Thanks for the very cool photo series of Brood XIX Magicicadas from Arkansas. Nice clear photos going from nymph to teneral to full adult.

Looking forward to more reports and photos.

Posted By: Dan | On: 2011-05-24 | Website:

Is that an M. tredecim or an M. neotredecim on the right?

Posted By: Massachusetts Cicadas | On: 2011-05-24 | Website:

Hey Dan,

I believe that Arkansas only has M. tredecim. We would know definitely if there was a ventral view of the specimen. However, if you look closely at the abdomen in that last photo, the abdomen doesn't look complete.

I wonder if its suffering from Massospora cicadina fungal infection.

Posted By: Dan | On: 2011-05-24 | Website:

The very tippy top (not a scientific term) of Arkansas has some. There's a good map in the paper "GENETIC EVIDENCE FOR ASSORTATIVE MATING BETWEEN 13-YEAR CICADAS AND SYMPATRIC ‘‘17-YEAR CICADAS WITH 13-YEAR LIFE CYCLES’’ PROVIDES SUPPORT FOR ALLOCHRONIC SPECIATION" by Chris Simon, et al.

Posted By: Massachusetts Cicadas | On: 2011-05-25 | Website:

Hey Dan,

You're absolutely right. I was basing my assumption on my knowledge of the United States and looking at John Cooly's reproductive character displacement map on

I got Louisiana confused with Arkansas. Still though, hard to tell without a clear view of this specimen's abdomen.

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