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Cicada Sighting in Brockton, MA

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Cicada Sighting in Brockton, MA

Found this poor thing floating in our pool. Thought it was just a big dead bug. Scooped it out and lo and behold it was still alive. Not sure if it suffered any long term damage or not. Looking at photos on-line I think it's a Tibicen lyricen??

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Posted By: Massachusetts Cicadas | On: 2010-12-06 | Website:

Hi Jen

Thanks very much for the image and data point. Yes, that is definitely a T. lyricen cicada a female by the looks of the abdomen. I'm curious do you have lights around your swimming pool?

Posted By: Jen | On: 2010-12-06 | Website:

We have lights in the backyard, but not directly on the pool. And they aren't on every night, pretty sure they weren't on last night. We did let her go, she was crawling just fine. She flapped her wings, but she hasn't flown yet. Do they fly? Once I found out it wasn't something that would hurt the kids I felt pretty bad that she had had such a close call! I hope she's okay. I'm going to attach the other pics I took, I wasn't sure which one would show up best. Thanks!


Posted By: Massachusetts Cicadas | On: 2010-12-06 | Website:

Hi Jen

Yes cicadas can fly and quite well too they are quick fliers. I'm sure it is just water logged and will be fine.

Thanks for sending in the information.

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