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Cicadas in Lake Charles, LA

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Cicadas in Lake Charles, LA

i didnt know what what outside but it was huge and then we caught it with its prey and there both still alive the the cicada is paralized, my daughter wants to bring it to school to show her science teacher and my question is how can i keep them alive and when with the cicada become un paralized?

thank you

lake charles,louisiana

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Hi Angie

Unfortunately, with the cicada the paralysis is permanent. It will no longer become unparalyzed. It is very much alive though and will probably survive in this state for about 10 days.

As for the female cicada killer, unfortunately, they only live for about a day or so inside a jar. I've never done experiments to keep them alive.

They are however nectar drinkers so you may want to try some corn syrup and a water mixture. Put some in a small bottle cap or something and see if it will take some. Make sure it is like 2 parts water to syrup.

Try that and let me know how you do.

If you can get a digital photo, I can probably identify the cicada for you. For data taking purposes, can you provide the following information as to the location of where you caught the cicada killer and cicada:

1). Town it was caught in
2). County
3). State
4). Street address - nearest street or landmark, park etc.
5). Date caught
6). Time of Day
7). Method used to collect
8). Who collected it
9). Temperature

Thank You

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