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T. superbus in Sugar Land, TX

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T. superbus in Sugar Land, TX

Glad I found your site. Growing up I was always taught that the shells were of locusts, not cicadas! Anyway, was going in my house this AM and this little bugger scared the poop outta me! For the last 3 hours I have watched it, waiting for it to fly away. But he is still standing on his shell, doing his thing. Hope the pics come out okay. How long do they usually take to completely transform out of their shell? thanks Les

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Posted By: Massachusetts Cicadas | On: 2010-12-06 | Website:

Hi Leslie

Thanks for your photos. They came out pretty blurry but I think I can make out the species for you, this looks very much like Tibicen superbus, very common in Texas but we don't get nice cicadas like yours around here.

Cicadas are very harmless, they don't bite or sting or anything. If you get brave and you find more, I would be very interested in some specimens from your area.

Thanks again for the photos.

Posted By: Leslie | On: 2010-12-06 | Website:


Apparently my yard was a Cicada nursery for the last year. I have seen three in the last week. I took more pics for you and will upload them after i get back from my vacation. Also, I just found an almost dead one that has not even attempted to come out of his shell. I put a stick by him and he grasped it, but then fell off. Pretty sure the lil guy is gonna die. I have named all my Cicada's Marvin. Because they look like aliens. And I am silly. Would you like me to send you this specimen?

Hope you are well.


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