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Brood XIX Magicicadas in Chattanooga, TN

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Brood XIX Magicicadas in Chattanooga, TN

Photos taken on and around a large deciduous tree and large boulder at tree's base.

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Hi Curtis,

Thanks for the cool photos. Man, that is a lot of deformed periodical cicadas! There are a number of reasons why cicadas get deformed. The foremost reason is during the mad scramble up a tree. If you are in the middle of going through ecdysis and other nymphs are on their way up the same tree. Well, as you can imagine it can get kind of crowded so the molting cicadas get trampled on by their brethren nymphs whom are looking for their own places to molt.

I've witnessed during other emergences of these deformed periodicals still having success in attracting females. Thanks for the photos.

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