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Tibicen pruinosus cicada in Topeka, KS

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Tibicen pruinosus cicada in Topeka, KS

Tibicen dad found her fluttering around near a church parking lot, her wings dried awkwardly and she has trouble fluttering...

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Posted By: Massachusetts Cicadas | On: 2012-07-09 | Website:

Hi Jimmy,

Thanks for the nice set of photos. Its a good thing that your dad rescued this cicada otherwise due to its deformity it would've no doubt become food for a predator.

Note the large pruinose spots on this particular specimen. These are quite indicative of T. pruinosus in Kansas and most notably in females of the species. Thanks for sharing and adding distribution data to our ever growing distribution database of species.

Posted By: Jimmy Wu | On: 2012-07-09 | Website:

The pruinose spots are particularly large on the Kansas specimens...I have seen lots of pictures of individuals from other states that have a lot less pruinose on the abdomen regions.

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