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Tibicen auriferus in Topeka, KS

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Tibicen auriferus in Topeka, KS

This is a Tibicen auriferus I found at my school. The first picture is one with the auriferus male in the middle and a female pruinosus at the top. I discovered him as a late teneral for he did not have any pruinosity developed yet. Pretty much the only reason I knew it was an auriferus was because it was found near an open field and the fact that it was smaller than the average pruinosus.

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Hi Jimmy

Thanks for sharing these images. I would agree with your identification of Tibicen auriferus. They are a cool little cicada and their calling song is very similar to T. davisi. I have looked at your photo and have compared it to some T. auriferus I obtained several years ago and they are nearly identical. Note how "thick" the pronotal collar is for such a very small cicada. Also of note are the little "ridges" for lack of a better word, that protrude out from the pronotum. Very awesome photos.

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