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Lyric Cicadas in Somerset, MA

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Lyric Cicadas in Somerset, MA

I heard a loud, fast, clicking as I sat outside. My cat had brought this thing over to me. I posted pictures on Facebook in order to get an ID. But thing was HUGE! And this is def what I saw. I think my cat may have eaten it.

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Posted By: Massachusetts Cicadas | On: 2012-07-25 | Website:

Hi Tifanny,

Thanks for sharing your cool photos. It looks like your cat was proud of what it caught and wanted to bring it home and show you!

Cool that your cat's paws are there in the images. The specimen is one of our common species found throughout Massachusetts. It is known as Tibicen lyricen - the Lyric cicada.

I would agree with you that your cat probably ate the cicada. Cicadas are food for many kinds of predators.

Thanks for sharing!

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