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Cicada Sighting in Rye, NH

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Cicada Sighting in Rye, NH

Hi there! Found your web page on cicadas. Very nice page! I have a growing interest in insects (expanded from birds), but have not spent any time with cicadas so I know nothing about them. This afternoon at Odiorne Point State Park in Rye, NH, my wife and I chanced upon a calling cicada in a small tree near the ocean. Sounded quite a bit different from the common monotonous cicadas we heard elsewhere along the trails of the park. Only heard it once, but it was broken and not the continuous buzz. Incredibly, my wife found it and I took a couple of rather poor photos. Unfortunately it was backlit. The underside was strikingly contrasting white, but I don't have a good shot of that.

Is this photo good enough to ID species?

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Hi Steve,

What a truly amazing find! The species you have there is known as Tibicen tibicen (formerly Tibicen chloromerus). Until today, this species was not known to be present in New Hampshire. I I'm pretty sure that you have just recorded the most northern point of their distribution range!

I will have to go and investigate this spot.

Thanks very much for your photo.

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