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Okanagana Cicada Species in San Carlos, CA

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Okanagana Cicada Species in San Carlos, CA

I heard some loud insects last night and thought about cicadas, but I "knew" we didn't have cicadas around here...until I found this creature flopping around on my porch this afternoon. It's slow-moving and clumsy and was easy to catch and photograph. The habitat here is in the transition between coastal sage brush and inland oak trees. Elevation is about 750 ft.

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Hi Clay,

Thanks for the photos. We are always interested in cicadas from out west. I can tell you that this specimen is from the genus Okanagana. I will need to have some colleagues have a look at it and give their opinion. There are so many varieties of Okanagana out west and some of them look very similar. The last time I fancied a guess, I was off... but not by much. If I get an ID, I will post back.

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