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Cicada Sighting in Georgetown, MA

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Cicada Sighting in Georgetown, MA


I just found your site as I tried to identify the cicada specie I discovered about 2 weeks ago around my house. I found it dead on the ground between my house and a Colorado spruce. It clearly has a green pronotal collar -- based on your descriptions, I'd type it as T. canicularis.

I live in Georgetown MA, which is north of Boston, close to Newburyport.

Am sending my sighting to you just in case you are interested. Until my finding, I personally did not expect any Cicadas in Georgetown, though I am very familiar with the 17 yr and other types of cicadas from my days when went to grad school at Hopkins in Baltimore. I'm a scientist and my avocation is native plants and nature -- so was pleased with the discovery.


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Sorry for the late reply. I was away for the long holiday trying to grab a specimen of T. linnei in Rhode Island. Thanks for the photos. Yes you are correct that this is T. canicularis. Nice work.

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