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Tibicen tibicen in Wethersfield CT

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Tibicen tibicen in Wethersfield CT

Hi Gerry-Thanks for stopping by Wethersfield last week. We really enjoyed learning about the Cicada Killers! Liam especially had a blast. :) We found a cicada on the sidewalk today (albeit, missing it's head and a few appendages). It was about 1.5" long, mostly dark brown in color with lime green wings. Here are a couple of pics.


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Hi Tegan,

Yes, that is most definitely a cicada. There is enough there to identify it as Tibicen tibicen which is a fairly common species of cicada in the town of Wethersfield.

It was probably abandoned by the cicada killer female for some unknown reason and the ants came along and started to feast on the cicada hence why it is missing its eyes and head. Ants are notorious for eating the good parts first and they love cicada eyes :)

Have fun and keep me posted.

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