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Tibicen cicada from Parsonsfield, ME

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Tibicen cicada from Parsonsfield, ME

Observed the emergence of Cicada in my garden near the top of a bamboo stake.

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Posted By: Massachusetts Cicadas | On: 2010-12-11 | Website:

Hi Lou

Thanks for the photo of a Tibicen canicularis cicada that is freshly emerged from it's shell. This cicada is probably the only Tibicen species of Cicada found in Maine. As a matter of fact, I don't think I have ever received a photo of a different species from your state. This in and of itself is interesting because a certain insect known as the Cicada Killer Wasp (the females prey on Cicadas) is also not found in Maine.

Thanks very much for the data point. Always good to have something from Maine.

Posted By: Lou | On: 2010-12-12 | Website:

Hi Gerry,

Your welcome and you are correct in that the "Tibicen canicularis cicada" seems to be the only species of cicada that's indigenous to Maine / New Hampshire as I have never observed or even heard of any other cicada species being found in these parts. In fact I was looking for the species of this one to be sure when I ran across your site with so much information on cicada's, thus I decided to make the report and send the photo.

I have seen a number of adults over the years but I have only seen two emerge from there "instas" nymph stage into adults, it's quite interesting if not remarkable to say the least, nature has always fascinated me from childhood and still does today at nearly sixty.

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